[The Nashville Scene] Chef Jason McConnell to Cook ‘Southern Sophisticate’ Dinner at the James Beard House


This was written on February 15, 2016, by Nashville Scene writer Chris Chamberlain on their Bites Blog.  I have often said I think that Jason McConnell is the best combination of chef and restaurateur in Middle Tennessee. Not only does he operate three excellent Franklin-area restaurants with Cork & Cow, 55 South and Red Pony, but he also runs McConnell House and has a hand in both Two Ten Jack and Lucky Belly through his association with Seed Hospitality. Back in the days before food trucks spread like weevils in a cotton row, McConnell fitted a food truck with professional-grade cooking equipment and had the smarts to actually keep it parked most of the year except for a couple of events that he knew he could make bank … [Read more...]