New College Franklin

Mission Statement:

Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, New College Franklin disciples students through the liberal arts for wisdom and missional living. New College Franklin is a four-year Christian liberal arts program dedicated to excellent academics and a rich community. With a strong emphasis on discipleship, New College Franklin pursues Godly wisdom to form our students who are missionally equipped for lives of humble service wherever God may direct them. We believe that the Lord God is the creator and sustainer of all things and thus all knowledge is anchored and unified in His nature and person. Accordingly, our curriculum highlights the unity of all knowledge in our program of study so that God’s truth is known, His goodness cherished, and His beauty enjoyed. Typical student courses include the study of the great books ranging from Socrates to Sartre, the study of the discipline of language in the Trivium, and the study of number in time, music, and space in the discipline of the Quadrivium. The focus of our educational program intentionally draws us toward man’s highest aim, the worship of God.