“It’s fun changing people’s lives and sharing the stories of our town,” says Kem Farris, co-owner of Pedego Franklin.

After opening in 2015 on East Main Street, Pedego Franklin moved to 5th Avenue North for a time before relocating in 2021 to their new spot on 2nd Avenue South.

Pedego Franklin’s first location on East Main Street

“My husband Bob and I loved riding bikes,” Kem says. “We’ve always been bike riders, and I grew up with real bikes. Our kids rode and always liked long-distance riding. It was something fun our family could do together.”

What makes the bikes at Pedego Franklin so special is that they are electric – fun and easy riding for everyone!

“We were on vacation one time and rented electric bikes and fell in love,” Kem mentions. “We gave up regular bikes and rode electric ever since!”

Kem describes how they were looking to create something new and different downtown when they decided to start Pedego Franklin… Bob kept his day job while Kem ran the shop, and every year it grew!

Pedego Franklin’s second location on 5th Avenue

They now offer regular scenic bike tours for riders to enjoy the outskirts of downtown, as well as historic bike tours for those interested in the stories of Franklin.

“We take people all the way to Natchez Trace and sometimes to Leiper’s Fork. We’ll stop for food and shopping. It’s a great opportunity for people to make new friends.”

Whether you want to buy an electric bike, get one repaired, or ride for fun Downtown – Pedego Franklin is for everyone!

Pedego Franklin’s New Location on 2nd Avenue South

“We appreciate our locals and enjoy getting to know our regulars and their extended family and friends when they are in town,” shares Kem.

Buy a bike or book a ride at Pedego Franklin, and say hello to fun!