Why treat TMJ? Do you have head, neck, facial, or ear pain? Most people do not know that their pain could be related to the position/relation of their upper and lower jaw (often referred to as TMJ/TMD). Dr. Lee Palmer’s passion is hearing his patients’ stories, recognizing the symptoms, and providing treatment for their pain.

Treating TMJ/TMD is complex and one of Dr. Palmer’s specialities.  Using the latest technology to diagnose patients, Dr. Lee Palmer can fix anything from broken teeth or toothaches to TMJ/TMD.

When you visit Dr. Lee Palmer’s office, you receive a custom orthotic that creates a harmonious relationship with your upper and lower jaw.

This can relieve headaches, facial and neck pain, and even ringing of the ears. While traditional treatments haven’t worked, if you are experiencing chronic pain in your head, neck, face, or ears, call Dr. Lee Palmer today at 615-794-0756!  (Office: 143 4th Avenue North)