DFA Masterminds

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DFA Masterminds are round table gatherings to discuss common interests, collaborate, and grow together in a small group setting. Enjoy thought-provoking discussion around strategic questions, build relationships, and collaborate while learning from the collective genius of the group!

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Retail Mastermind with Tanya Hembree

Owner & Founder, Onyx + Alabaster

Service Business Mastermind with Art Creel

Investment Advisor, Carmichael Creel Investments

Service Business Mastermind with Heather Creel

Marketing Coordinator, Carmichael Creel Investments

Nonprofit Mastermind with Jody Todd

Marketing/Communication Director, Franklin First United Methodist Church

Building Owners Mastermind with Eric Elmquist

Property Owner/Investor, Covalent Properties

Building Owners Mastermind with Marla Albert

Property Owner/Investor, Shuff Properties