Single-Business Membership

For an Individual Business with One Brand

(within a 1-mile radius of the Downtown Franklin Public Square)
This membership includes Building Owner Membership if applicable.

Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive Meetings, Mixers, & Masterminds
  • Downtown Franklin Awards Invitation
  • Online Event Advertising Opportunities
  • Downtown Franklin Awards Ballot Inclusion
  • Exclusive HF/DFA Festival Booth Opportunities
  • Social Media Advertising (approx. 100K Audience)
  • Opportunity for Business Spotlight at a DFA Monthly Meeting
  • Online Directory Listing (included on Main Street Wayfinding Signs)
  • Exclusive Downtown Newsletter & FB Community
  • Educational Resources & DFA University Workshops
  • Information on Funding Opportunities (as available)
  • Complimentary Heritage Foundation Membership ($50 value)
  • 4 movie ticket and popcorn vouchers to The Franklin Theatre ($60 value)
  • Discounted Conference Room Rentals at 112 Bridge Street
  • Opportunities to influence the direction of DFA initiatives
  • Opportunities to influence economic vitality downtown
  • Eligibility for DFA Advisory Board Leadership Role
Annual Bonus of Choice
  • 50% Off Discounted Rental of Heritage Foundation Parking Lot at 112 Bridge St. as available (OR)
  • 30% Off Discounted Rental of The Franklin Theatre as available ($1000+ value)

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