For Maria Magdalena Molnar, Boutique MMM on Main Street is a dream come true. She never thought she’d own the upscale shoe store that now sits on the corner of the Public Square in downtown Franklin.

She’s nearly 1,000 miles from her former home in Palm Beach, Fla., but Maria says that moving was the best decision she could have made. Within 18 months of living in Franklin, she became a first-time business owner.

“I signed the lease in July and everything fell into place,” Maria says. “It was like a gift.”

Though she opened her doors in September of 2011, she says traffic on Main Street has already given her customers from all over the country. Two large boxes destined for Oklahoma and Rhode Island sit in the back of the store, ready to be shipped to women who visited over the weekend.

“I’ve had people from everywhere who came to visit ‘little Franklin,’” she says. “They tell me they love the uniqueness of it.”

A native of Romania, Maria’s passion for shoes has lead to a career in footwear. She brings more than 17 years of experience to Boutique MMM, having spent time in management positions at Shoe-Inn and the Lord & Taylor footwear department in Palm Beach.

Maria carried Florida with her to the heart of historic Franklin, using decor in Boutique MMM that reminds her of Palm Beach and the knowledge that women are forever searching for a combination of practicality and style.

“I believe in fashion with comfort,” she says. “I try to bring in a product that you won’t find anywhere else.”

The concept for Boutique MMM was born while walking on Main Street one night with her husband, Bill. She noticed that there was no specialty shoe shop and told Bill she would love to open one. Shortly after, he surprised her by leasing the old law firm space on the Franklin Square.

“Bill took me down to Mellow Mushroom and said, ‘Look across the street,’” Maria says. “That was the first time I knew this was really happening.”

She says the culture of Franklin – and the type of people that visit – has been clear from the start.

“I can only say good things about the people who have walked through my doors,” Maria says.

For more information about Boutique MMM, visit its website.