Kelly Spalding is one of those people who adds sparkled to everything she touches. With a “junker” for a mother and an antique “picker” for a father, it’s not hard to figure out where she honed her visionary skills.

When Spalding couldn’t fit another pick into her jam-packed storage unit, she decided it was time to start a business where she could showcase her re-purposed vintage pieces.

“This has always been my passion,” Spalding said. “I enjoy turning old entryway doors into tables or using shutters for photo displays–it allows me to use my creative side.”

As the owner of Kelly Spalding Designs on Columbia Avenue, the storefront she launched this summer, she has a knack for taking weather or broken furniture and transforming it into a beautiful piece for the home. She even uses old pallets for displays in her shop.

“I love the architecture of old doors. I like what they do to a space. Cover it with glass with pictures in it and there you have the perfect piece,” she said. “I don’t just collect things. The story behind each item is meaningful to me.”

Six years after opening her home decor business, Spalding expanded her services to offer wedding and again, incorporating retail into her practice and approaching each facet with an insightful and thoughtful eye. She creates unique pieces for her clients based off their personalities, like an old silverware set she once turned into place card settings for a wedding. Spalding, who describes her style as “sophisticated vintage,” makes sure to infuse a good dose of what this region revolves around in each soiree she creates–and that’s a long drink of Southern hospitality.

“It’s the most important element, because your home is where you entertain and where you spend the bulk of your time. Details are what finish things off in a home,” Spalding said. “It’s the attention to details that makes guests ‘ooh and ahh.’”

With material sourced from regional flea markets and old barns, she likes to layer her pieces, placing antique mirrors on an old doorframe or stacking vintage treasures on top of one another to make it appear “collected.”

But the craftswoman isn’t relegated to big clients only: she offers custom orders for a special occasion. She even carries in the store small items like straw flags and paper placemats that can be personalized, or favors already made or “DIY” ready.

As for the future, Spalding says she hopes to grow her business while continuing to use her design skills to make trendy vintage recreations. And she says she couldn’t pictures herself anywhere besides the heartbeat of Middle Tennessee.

“I absolutely love Franklin’s charm. This has been a dream come true to be in this community.”

Stop by and see her at 915 Columbia Ave., or visit