Please note: this profile of Yarrow Acres was written in 2012.

Sheri Gramer inherited her green thumb. Growing up in Michigan, the Yarrow Acres owner was put to work outside so often that she swore off yard work forever.

“I remember wanting to go to the beach so bad, but my parents had me weeding,” Sheri says. “I said to myself, ‘I will never have flowers!’

“Well, I guess the dirt stuck under my nails,” she laughs.

Now, her life revolves around gardens and growing. Yarrow Acres was established more than 13 years ago at Sheri’s herb farm in Grass Lake, Mich. When her family relocated to Williamson County in 1994, Sheri decided she wanted to apply her knowledge of cultivation in the retail business. She downsized to a personal garden and opened Franklin’s original “Gardener’s Gift Store” on Main Street soon after settling into her new hometown.

Sheri used her first-hand farming knowledge to provide downtown Franklin with functional but chic gardening tools that cater to customers of all ages and skill sets. The people who walk through her door range from 20-something newlyweds to master gardeners with decades of experience.

“I have customers that were coming in with their moms, and now they are buying for themselves,” Sheri says. “Now that will make you feel old!”

Yarrow Acres offers traditional gardening gifts as well as seasonal trends. There’s everything from air plants and wind chimes to vintage stands and garden incense sticks. There’s also quirky gifts and tongue-in-cheek home décor, and lines of botanical bath and body products. The store’s reputation for eclectic flair has helped it make the pages <em>of Southern Living</em> Magazine several times.

“Main Street is unique because our product material is so diverse,” Sheri says. “I really try not to duplicate the products offered in the other stores.”

Her shop’s items are all hand-picked and tested by Sheri. And each spring, Yarrow Acres brings in fresh herbs from all over the country – a particular passion for Sheri, who grew the plants on her farm in Michigan. She makes sure to provide the hard-to-find varieties, along with the old standards.

Sheri is in her specialty shop throughout the week, helping out a fledgling gardener or picking the proper tool for a seasoned customer.

“We give any kind of advice you want,” Sheri says. “And we’ll send you where you need if we don’t have it.”

When Sheri is not helping other green-thumbs, you can find her “feeding the habit,” tending her own garden with her husband. She’s come a long way since the girl in the garden who swore off flowers, and Sheri says she’s happy she found her calling down South.

“I love Franklin,” Sheri says. “I couldn’t think of anywhere better. There’s always been a unique charm.”

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