Rooted from Yarrow Acres is Franklin’s original “gardener’s gift store.”

In 1994, owner Sheri Gramer moved from her herb farm of 6 years in Grass Lake, Michigan, carrying a sign from the farm with the name “Yarrow Acres” on it, to open her store with that very name in Downtown Franklin, TN.

Very invested in the community, Sheri became one of the original members of the Downtown Franklin Association and one of the five women to create and launch Wine Down Main Street in 2000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Middle, TN.

After moving a couple times around downtown, Yarrow Acres settled into its current location at 424A Main Street in 1998, where the business has grown for the last 28 years.

Over the years Sheri’s daughter, Lindsey Carmichael, worked all through high school and college.  After living in Tampa, FL, for about 11 years, Lindsey moved back to TN and got involved with Yarrow Acres again, helping the business evolve and stay afloat through the shutdown in 2020.  Multi-talented, Lindsey is also a professional photographer and uses those skills for their marketing at the gift shop.

Right before the pandemic began in 2020, Rooted from Yarrow Acres started offering more house plant items.   With so many staying and working from home through the pandemic, house plant sales took off.  It’s now one of the primary plant items sold at “Franklin’s Little Plant Shop” on Main Street.

“I lived through it in the 70s with the first house plant fad,” says Sheri. “Now it’s a new fad again.”

With an online and in-person customer base, Rooted from Yarrow Acres has found their customer base become primarily tourists or new folks moving into town heartbroken to part with their house plants and are now looking for new ones.

At the beginning of 2022, Sheri announced her daughter Lindsey would be taking over the business

“Lindsey was very instrumental in keeping us afloat during the shutdown and helping Yarrow Acres transition into the plant store that it is now: Rooted from Yarrow Acres!” shared Sheri.  “I’m not selling the business and walking away. I still come in once a week and get my hands dirty working. I still eat at my favorite lunch spots and see some of my favorite people.”

Visit Rooted from Yarrow acres online at or in person at 424 A Main St. Franklin, TN.